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Fire Restoration Can Save the Hardwood Floors in Wilmington Homes

8/31/2023 (Permalink)

charred hardwood flooring We can clean the charring from your Wilmington home's hardwood floor boards, "Like it never even happened."

Our Fire Restoration Team Revitalizes Your Floors

All kinds of flooring can become harshly impacted by a house fire. Many homeowners in Wilmington have invested quite heavily in specific flooring materials. Wooden flooring is costly but also well worth the price. Our fire restoration experts
can help save your flooring investment and make everything beautiful again.

Concentrating on your floors can proceed as we work on the rest of your Wilmington home's fire restoration. As we complete the restoration tasks
involving the rest of your residence, we take measures to avoid causing any further
damage to your hardwoods.

We begin the restoration work on your wooden flooring and complete the process by doing the following:

  • Cleaning and wiping
  • Removing imperfections mechanically
  • Refinishing

Cleaning up hardwood floors post-fire includes removing anything that melted onto
them. Removing larger debris makes it possible to sweep with a broom to remove
ash and use a stiffer brush to get anything embedded within the spaces between

Our SERVPRO® team might find a puddle of melted plastic or splattered drips that sprayed across the floor as something fell from a shelf. We use the least destructive methods to clean
up such messes. Other aspects of this stage involve cleaning with solvents to dilute
the ash and pollutants that came with the smoke. Area rugs made of synthetic fibers
can also melt and cause discolorations. Some staining often exists, but ending this
stage, once dry, with some sanding can often eliminate any outstanding discoloration.

Finishing your floor involves a discussion with you regarding stain colors and depth,
as well as the level of gloss. Lower-gloss flooring is a safer option while needing less
maintenance. We save finishing the floor for last, as we want reduced traffic to
prevent any problems with the process. Once completed, your home should be
ready for your family to enjoy your home once again to the fullest.

Call SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080 for restoration
services your family will love. We know how to make everything "Like it never even

Signs of Severe Structural Issues after Mold Damage in Wilmington

5/18/2023 (Permalink)

Mold on Floor and Wall When your property has mold damage, call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Helps Wilmington Homeowners Probe Mold Damage

Mold growth in Wilmington homes occurs when there is excess moisture present. The moisture can be due to a leak, poor ventilation, and high humidity. A common sign of mold includes visible growth on walls, ceilings, and floors. It is advisable to seek professional mold remediation services if you see any signs or suspect microbial growth in your home.

When addressing mold damage in Wilmington properties, it is often advisable to identify and repair the source of moisture. When moisture issues are not adequately addressed, you risk a regrowth. SERVPRO crews locate leaks, condensation points, and any other sources of humidity which could be causing mold growth in your home. We ensure the safe removal and properly clean and restore all affected areas.

Signs that indicate a severe mold problem:

  • Large masses of mold colonies on surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Visible structural damages

Assessing a Structure for Mold Growth

You may not always see large amounts of mold growing in one area. Characteristics that can help you identify mold include dark spots, discoloration, or patches. The patches can vary from brown, green, black, or white. Also, they might have a fuzzy or slimy texture. Visible mold can be a sign that the problem is more significant than just surface contamination. Our crew checks inside walls or behind other surfaces to expose all affected areas.

We check for any visible structural damage, such as warped floors or walls. Such changes can indicate that the moisture-triggering mold has also caused substantial damage to the structural components. For example, a bulging wallpaper can also indicate microbial growth underneath. A common sign when probing for mold growth in structures is a musty smell. If the scent is strong, it could mean a significant mold problem. SERVPRO crews manage the mold remediation process safely and effectively.

Steps For Proper Mold Remediation

  • Establish containment
  • Establish negative air pressure in the affected areas
  • Remove contaminated materials through controlled demolition
  • Dry the structure and contents

SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington resolves mold damage “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (302) 762-8080.

Water Damage Restoration Helps Storms Blow Over Wilmington & Away

4/19/2023 (Permalink)

Roof with Tarp Our techs are ready 24/7, 365 days a year.

No Storms are a Match for Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO's water damage restoration team always arrives ready to start the work needed after a damaging, destructive storm travels through Wilmington. We know how to make everything affected by a storm with high winds, hail, and torrential sheets of rain "Like it never even happened."

After a powerful storm comes through Wilmington, calls about water damage restoration services begin ringing on our 24-hour emergency line. We work with each customer to ensure that all aspects they report to us regarding water damage caused by the storm's ferocity receive the attention needed.

Our restoration team can ensure that several points on your home no longer exhibit any damage. The areas include:

  • The roof
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Windows

The roof may have sustained damage from two sources – high winds that tear older shingles away from the roof and top-heavy trees that fall onto the upper frame of your home. We tarp these at first, as a protective measure, and then make the necessary repairs.

Gutters and downspouts are sturdy but can still become warped, twisted, bent, dented, and broken. Downspouts have slightly fewer problems, but how they direct water off your roof can keep or allow your house to experience interior flooding. Gutters that fail to move water toward the downspouts can force sheets of water up against your home. Neither is beneficial. We can make repairs fix the problem, and restore anything the harsh weather damaged or destroyed within your house.

Your windows rarely change shape because of the glass inside. When the house's frame around a window shrinks or expands, gaps between the two components can occur. Forceful winds can push rain into these gaps, letting problems begin inside the walls. SERVPRO's crews can dry these cavities, then seal the window's frame, preventing additional problems.

Call SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080 for the latest restoration services using high-tech methods.

Lessen Fire Damage and Cost for Your Wilmington Property

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

White dog in the lobby of a SERVPRO office Bark away your fire damage worries with our team in Wilmington at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Has Skilled Fire Damage Technicians in Wilmington Available 24/7

Once fire strikes at your home or business, you start to think about the best way to clean up all damage. Not only can you have charred debris and unsalvageable contents or materials, but you may also have water damage from putting out the flames. There are many aspects to consider, with safety being paramount. Hiring fire damage restoration by a team of skilled professionals is the best way to ensure everything gets underway safely and effectively. SERVPRO is available 24/7 for an emergency response so you can get your business or house fire cleanup underway. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fire damage in Wilmington can be life-changing, and rebuilding is stressful and daunting for many property owners. Fires are known for causing billions in fire damage each year, so you need a team that can get results while also lessening the cost and overall loss. SERVPRO does this with our' repair versus replace' methodology and our entire crew of IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT).

Selecting Your Restoration Team is an Important Decision

Even the most minor fire can bring on some damage that is not evident to the untrained eye. There are several reasons why any property owner should enlist the help of a trusted and trained restoration company rather than attempting a DIY, including:

  • 24/7 Availability – Here at SERVPRO, you can reach out to our customer care team 24 hours a day and any day of the week. We will have a crew mobilized and our Green Fleet at your door within four hours of initial contact. 
  • Certified and Insured – Anyone working in and around your home should be appropriately trained and insured should anything happen on your property. IICRC-certifications also offer further assurance that our technicians have the knowledge and abilities to handle your fire restoration and cleanup.
  • Investigation and Assessment – Safety is critical with any restoration project. This is especially true when fire and water may have damaged your structural elements. Our trained crew chief thoroughly inspects your property and assesses the damage. This allows us to address possible hazards and select the best equipment, tools, and methods to help us achieve our goals.

What About Smoke Damage to Contents and Surfaces?

SERVPRO uses specialized cleaning methods to handle smoke remediation so that no lingering odors get left behind. This may include dry wiping with cloths or brushes or wet wiping with cleaning solutions. We inspect all surfaces to determine the types of soot soiling present and perform spot testing to ensure no further damage occurs. 

For handling odors, both from smoke residue and water/moisture, our team includes trained Odor Control Technicians (OCT). We have the training to identify all offensive odors and eliminate them rather than masking them. Our professional odor removal techniques pinpoint the cause and get results, so you never have lingering reminders of the fire event. We use tools in our arsenal such as:

  • Odor Counteracting Beads – Treated porous beads that release volatile odor counteractants, working by time release to freshen and fragrance the area being treated.
  • Deodorant Pellets or Granules – Made with an active mineral, these products help to pull in and hold odorous molecules.
  • Water-Based Products – We have wet mist deodorizers and odor counteractants our team will use to neutralize malodors in various situations.
  • Air Scrubbers – These filtration devices have onboard HEPA filters to pull and capture particles in the air. 

Any fire damage cleanup and restoration project gets structured to make your property "Like it never even happened." Get the results you deserve by contacting SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington when you require assistance. Request help online or call us 24/7 at (302) 762-8080.

Handling Water Damage and Drying for Wilmington Residents

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

Technician drying a water damaged room with isolation drying SERVPRO has the tools and training to complete isolation drying during water damage restoration in your Wilmington home.

Experienced Water Damage Restoration is Best – Call SERVPRO in Wilmington

You might be amazed at how many water incidents occur each day. Many of these spills, broken pipes, and appliance malfunction can lead to immense damage if not addressed correctly. All too often, homeowners may reach for a mop and bucket, not realizing they are missing areas where water migrated. Because hidden moisture can bring possible mold, mildew, and secondary damage, calling in the help of professional restoration is a smart move. SERVPRO is Here to Help Wilmington home and business owners whenever they have water restoration needs! 

Here at SERVPRO, we receive countless calls to help area customers with water damage in Wilmington. We feature all the latest equipment and have perfected our water removal services to complete the job faster and more effectively than any DIY. Our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) will arrive within hours of your call to begin assessment and water mitigation. Everything gets done to help lessen your stress level and salvage as much as possible.

We Understand the Different Types of Water Damage

Not only are we experienced and hands-on with a variety of water-related projects each day, but our technicians also go through regular training. Staying up-to-date on the latest techniques helps us adapt to each client’s needs. With professional restoration, you are getting a team that knows the correct contents recovery and water mitigation solutions based on the level of saturation, the type of water, and other factors. 

Some of the moisture damage situations we see often include:

  • Category 1, 2, and 3 water events – Category 1 is clean water from incoming piping. Category 2 is grey water that may come from a water heater, dishwater, or another appliance. Category 3 is black water that is highly contaminated, coming from flooding situations.
  • Hidden moisture – We sometimes get called to properties with a hidden plumbing leak or a spill that went unattended. The moisture migrates into structural cavities and causes secondary damage or mold develops.
  • Surface/standing water – We utilize powerful pumps and extractors to pull up as much water as quickly as possible. If dealing with category 3 flooding, our team applies antimicrobials before extraction begins.

What Equipment Does SERVPRO Have That I Do Not?

Not only does our Green Fleet come stocked with all the equipment necessary for any given project, but we also have warehouses with immense inventory our technicians have access to. Some of the top options we choose for water cleanup projects include:

  • Extractors – These tools are suitable for removing water from flooring, carpeting, and upholstery. They include three main components – the vacuum system, pump, and heat. These units are either portable or truck-mounted.
  • Pumps – We have pumps with varying volume capacity and lift capabilities, and our team knows which are best suited for each situation. 
  • Dehumidifiers – This equipment helps pull the water vapor from the air while working to lower relative humidity (RH) in any given space. 
  • Drying Equipment – We have various air moving units that help us to reduce drying time and increase evaporation. Other drying equipment may include wall cavity ventilation setups, industrial-grade fans, drying mats, etc.

SERVPRO Works to Restore Versus Replace Whenever Possible

When water damage wreaks havoc on your property, you must remember that not all is lost. We can salvage many materials and contents with our techniques and specialized cleaning. However, we perform controlled demolition that helps you put your home back together. 

  • Repairing subfloor, replacing flooring and baseboards
  • Relaying carpet after putting in new carpet padding
  • Flood cuts (if applicable) to repair drywall or perform complete drywall replacement

Residential contractor license #: 1992104829

Our SERVPRO team is there to address any questions or concerns you have at each restoration step. We are the team you want in your corner for water damage repair! Call us at SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington at (302) 762-8080. We will make your home “Like it never even happened.”

Never Leave Mold Damage Cleanup to Chance in Wilmington

3/22/2023 (Permalink)

Two technicians in PPE outside of a home Don’t despair when your home or office in Wilmington sustains mold damage. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Mold Damage Remediation with Help from SERVPRO in Wilmington Gets Results

If you notice fuzzy, grayish spots developing under your kitchen sink or around your bathroom cabinets, you may start to panic. Whenever you suspect black mold growing within your Wilmington property, you mustn't try to disturb it by spraying it with chemicals or wiping it. This can dislodge the spores, causing them to become airborne within your home. Rather than attempting any DIY, you need a team like SERVPRO that arrives with mold remediation expertise – available whenever you need it!

But why SERVPRO for mold damage in Wilmington? Because we are a locally-owned and operated team armed with the manpower and skill to handle any size or scope mold cleanup project. We get in to assess the damage so that we can select the best processes for safely cleaning and freshening your interior. We begin cleaning up, but we also address the source of the mold problem to keep it from coming right back.

How Much Do You Know About Mold?

You could have mold development somewhere inside your home whenever you have a slow pipe leak that goes undetected or fails to remove all of the moisture from a water-related incident. Given the right conditions, mold develops in as little as 48 hours. It is essential to keep the following in mind:

  • Microscopic mold spores float through the air, coming into your home via the doors, windows, HVAC system, and even on your clothing or outside pets.
  • Mold thrives on moisture and tends to colonize fast when exposed to water and an organic food source is present – drywall, paper, carpeting, etc.
  • You will often notice a foul, musty odor that could be telling you that a mold infestation is developing.

SERVPRO Offers Comprehensive Mold Remediation with Processes that Include:

  • Mold containment measures using poly sheeting and negative pressure
  • Thorough structural drying and moisture detection using sensors, meters, etc. 
  • Decontamination of all surfaces 
  • Specialized cleaning for contents 
  • Removal and safe disposal of all contaminated/unsalvageable materials and contents

Our IICRC-certified mold remediation specialists can control microbial contamination closely to the source, then begin careful cleaning. All materials get removed that are overtaken with mold contamination and disposed of according to local guidelines. Any items that can get salvaged will be dried and thoroughly cleaned to our standards.

Structural Drying is Essential for All Mold Damage Remediation Projects

The last thing anyone needs is hidden moisture lurking within your property that can mean a repeat mold infestation. SERVPRO technicians have options like ventilation or specialized drying systems to direct airflow through wall cavities. This helps to replace any cool, moist air with dry, warmer air. When this takes place, it raises surface temperatures, cuts back on vapor pressure, and helps to speed up the evaporation rate. Other steps that take place may include:

  • Ventilation attached to air moving equipment
  • Blowers that get attached to hoses
  • Small holes are drilled into ceilings, walls, or under cabinets to help redirect air into the various cavities
  • Drying mats to help address moisture found within the flooring

Why Mold Removal as a False Statement – Don't Be Fooled!

If you see a product that claims to eradicate mold or a company that says they offer mold removal, don't believe it. Microbes are essential for the earth's ecosystem, and they are present everywhere – both indoors and outdoors. Under some conditions, they may colonize within your home. Hiring skilled technicians is the best way to get the results you need.  

Why contact SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington when you have an issue with mold damage? Because we have the proven processes and knowledge to ensure your property is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. Call us 24/7 for restoration and cleanup at (302) 762-8080.

SERVPRO Offers Quick Water Damage Repair for Wilmington Homes

3/21/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the fire damage in your property. Call now!

Water Damage Repair is Fast and Efficient, with SERVPRO In-charge

One of the key aspects of water damage repair of your Wilmington home is creating conditions that accelerate the drying of the hidden moisture in wet surfaces. SERVPRO techs use their knowledge of drying science and psychrometry to manipulate the temperature and humidity conditions of the drying air that favor evaporation. 

SERVPRO techs use dehumidifiers and air-moving equipment during the water damage repair of your Wilmington home to create ideal drying conditions. The goal of the restorers is to maintain a set of conditions where the moisture will evaporate away from the wet surfaces at a steady rate. 

Role of Air Movers in Water Restoration 

Air-moving equipment plays a dual role in the water cleanup of your property. Firstly, the air movers ensure warm, dry, dehumidified air circulates throughout the structure. Secondly, they prevent the formation of the boundary layer over the drying surfaces. 

As evaporation cause cooling, the air close to the wet surface quickly becomes saturated with moisture forming a boundary layer. It reduces the evaporation rate and prevents the surface from drying properly. Air movers can remove this boundary layer, replace it with warm, dry air, and speed up the drying process. 

SERVPRO techs use two types of air movers during water damage remediation:

  • Centrifugal air movers
  • Axial air movers

While centrifugal air movers produce high static pressure and direct airflow to a specific wet area, axial air movers can generate high air volumes. 

Drying Structural Cavities 

Directing airflow into wall cavities can be challenging during water damage restoration. SERVPRO techs use drying systems consisting of vents attached to air movers to replace cool, moist air with warmer, dry air in structural cavities, accelerating the drying rate. 

Call SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080 for a fast and efficient service you can trust.

Wilmington Businesses Trust SERVPRO with Water Restoration

2/14/2023 (Permalink)

Stored Equipment Looking for a restoration company? Look no further, SERVPRO is just a call away.

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Water Restoration to Wilmington Businesses

Water damage in commercial properties can have significant consequences, including loss of income and damage to the building structure and contents. Although the water restoration process of your Wilmington property can be complex and time-consuming, it is possible to minimize the impact with help from professionals like SERVPRO. 

SERVPRO techs use the latest technology in water restoration of Wilmington commercial properties to help you get the business running quickly. Our IICRC-certified techs ensure the restoration process is meticulously planned for faster results. We aim to restore your property to its preloss state “Like it never even happened.”   

The Role Of Air Moving Equipment In Commercial Water Damage Repairs

One of the most critical aspects of water restoration of commercial buildings is controlling the drying conditions. SERVPRO techs manipulate the humidity and temperature of the drying air to ensure that the moisture evaporation rate is held at a nearly constant value.  

As evaporation results in cooling of the surface, the evaporation rate can drop significantly if the moisture-saturated air near the surface is not replaced. SERVPRO techs use air-moving equipment to remove this layer and replace it with warmer and drier air to shift the equilibrium back in favor of drying.  

SERVPRO techs use the following two types of air movers when drying a commercial property:

  • Axial air movers create a large volume of air movement and can be positioned to direct airflow in specific directions. They are best for drying large areas or creating air flow over surfaces to aid evaporation.
  • Centrifugal air movers use a fan blade to produce a high-velocity, low-volume air stream and can build air movement in hard-to-reach areas.

Call SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080 for a water restoration service you can trust.

Wilmington Homeowners Trust SERVPRO with Fire Restoration

1/17/2023 (Permalink)

House Made of Matches Don’t let fire damage overwhelm you, call the professionals at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Fire Restoration Services in Wilmington 

Cleaning the soot-covered surfaces is one of the most important aspects of the fire restoration of your Wilmington home. SERVPRO techs use appropriate cleaning methods to remove residue from various surfaces, ensuring they don't damage the surface. 

The goal of SERVPRO's restorative cleaning during the fire restoration of your Wilmington home is to remove the smoke and soot particles as quickly and efficiently as possible. The chlorides and sulfides present in the smoke and soot particles can combine with the moisture in the air to form acids. If SERVPRO techs don't clean these acids promptly, they can cause extensive and often irreparable damage. 

Cleaning Fire and Smoke Damage

SERVPRO techs use various cleaning agents to dislodge the soot residues from the surfaces and suspend them in a solution. Some of the professional cleaning agents we use during house fire cleanup include:

  • General surface cleaners are detergents with a slightly alkaline pH, ideal for cleaning glossy surfaces, painted walls and ceilings, hard surface furniture, wallpaper, and paneling. 
  • Heavy-duty cleaners are excellent at removing greasy and sticky soils in fire-damaged homes. These cleaners have higher alkalinity and can remove acidic soot particles easily.   
  • Liquid crème cleaners can clean hard surfaces and polish, brighten and deodorize them. As these contain abrasive agents, SERVPRO techs use them on surfaces not harmed by mild abrasives like metal, ceramics, Formica, and fiberglass.
  • Strong acid cleaners are excellent at removing soot and smoke damage from stone and brick. Some of these agents contain Phosphoric acid that can clean ceramic tiles and aluminum window frames.

SERVPRO techs use science and the latest IICRC guidelines to select a cleaning agent that is effective, safe, and efficient to restore your home to its preloss condition. 

Call SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington at (302) 762-8080. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Beginning Brandywine Mold Removal by Finding Colonies

12/25/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing by the frame of a window Regardless of the color of the mold, our team can help. Contact us right away for effective services and the necessary equipment for the job.

Determining Your Need for Mold Removal

Does your home need mold remediation and removal services? Being on the fence about needing remediation can create costlier situations when recovery and cleanup services begin. Some signs can help you narrow down your need for mold removal efforts from our professionals.

Persistent Damp Conditions

Damp conditions often lead to mold removal in Brandywine residences because they present one of the worst scenarios for your home's building materials. Wet environments can progressively destroy impacted elements and make them susceptible to mold infiltration. Long spans of moist conditions can signal that homeowners should be wary of mold growth.

The Physical Sighting of Mold

Spotting can be one of the earliest physical signs of mold growth and infestations of your residence. Materials like drywall are highly susceptible to being hosts for mold colonies, and in the earliest stages of an organism settling into these building materials, spotting occurs. This irregular spackling of spots and irregular blots can be many different colors based on the type of residential mold involved, including green, black, grey, orange, and red.

Harsh Malodors

Sometimes one of the clearest signs of microbial growth in your home is a persistent and offensive musty odor. Volatile organic compounds get created by active mold colonies, which are responsible for the strong, musty smell often associated with microbial development in a residence. This odor can be so significant that it moves through wall systems and overcomes small areas of your home without any other signs of growth. After remediation, these smells can linger, requiring deodorization approaches like:

  • HEPA air scrubbers 
  • ULV Foggers
  • Ozone/oxidation machines
  • Hydroxyl generators

It is often more challenging than you think to determine when mold might grow in your home. When you discover some telling signs of microbial development, you must reach out to accredited remediation professionals of our SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington team to help. We are available 24/7 at (302) 762-8080.