Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation on Basement Wall

The first picture shows mold on the walls of a basement.  The microbial growth is just due to time and a damp basement.  If you live in Delaware and h... READ MORE

Pipe in ceiling burst

These pictures show what we walked into as a result of a broken ceiling pipe.  Notice the ceiling had collapsed before we arrived. The blown in insula... READ MORE

Flex Duct Cleaning

These pictures show just how dirty your vents from your dryer can get. It is important to keep all vents but dryer vents in particular free of lint and deb... READ MORE

Water Damage

These pictures show a school that sustained water damage from a sprinkler system in a classroom.  Notice the fans that are warped. The ceiling tiles w... READ MORE

Water Damage

This picture shows a commercial hallway that sustained water damage from a sink over flow.  The water actually migrated into the hallway fro... READ MORE

Ceiling in Bathroom from roof damage

This picture shows when we arrived the ceiling holding water and in danger of falling. A tree had fallen on to the roof of this home and allowed the o... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage

These photos show the ceiling that collapsed on the floor before we arrived and then how it upstairs looked before we left.  This home sustained two broken... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Demo

These pictures only depict the demolition performed.  The mold was impacted on all the contents. The first picture here shows the floors cupping and p... READ MORE