Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Drywall & Cinder Blocks in Basement

This finished basement had various rooms with sections of visible mold growth. Here is a photo of one of the small areas where mold growth was detected and then... READ MORE

Mold Covered Drywall

This entire basement was lined with sheets of drywall that were covered in mold growth. Our drying process would have taken the moisture out of the drywall but ... READ MORE

Detecting Moisture

Here is a photo of one of our technicians finding the moisture that is not visible on the surface of this drywall. Finding the source of this moisture before it... READ MORE

Hardwood Flooring

These hardwood floors are on the first floor of a home that backs up to a large creek. The damp weather and grounds that the creek creates on the property has h... READ MORE

Moldy Pipes

Dark and damp basements are the perfect setting for mold to grow and that is exactly what occurred here in this basement closet. Some people just do not think o... READ MORE

Mold Remediation on Basement Wall

The first picture shows mold on the walls of a basement. The microbial growth is just due to time and a damp basement. If you live in Delaware and have a base... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Demo

These pictures only depict the demolition performed. The mold was impacted on all the contents. The first picture here shows the floors cupping and pulling awa... READ MORE