Recent Before & After Photos

Wall Damage from Fire

This fire damaged home in Wilmington, DE was the result of a malfunctioning stove. Notice the extent of the wall damage; the flames went up through drywall and ... READ MORE

Kitchen Counters

SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington was called out to remediate a home after a fire occurred. After the fire happened in this home, soot traveled throu... READ MORE

Carbon Chains

Carbon Chains can form when soot particles combine together. Sometimes people mistake the carbon chains for spider webs.  They are not spider webs but rath... READ MORE

Bathroom Shower Stall

In this scenario, a home sustained a fire damage.  SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington was called in to clean the premises.  This was a bad fire that c... READ MORE

Dirty Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans by nature collect dust and debris.  A lot of people have ceiling fans throughout their homes.  In this case, the homeowners had this ceil... READ MORE

Sooty Refrigerator

Sometimes in a home people do not pull out their refrigerator and clean behind it. This is common for people not to do. Refrigerators have fans and mo... READ MORE

Before and after of Soot Cleaning

Here are some pictures of soot from a fire that occurred on a stovetop. The homeowner had some cooking oil that caught fire.  It was a cooking fire an... READ MORE

Winter Weather & Plumbing

This utility room is located in the back of a very large complex that had extremely old plumbing. The weather changes going into the winter can damage old pipes... READ MORE

Drywall & Cinder Blocks in Basement

This finished basement had various rooms with sections of visible mold growth. Here is a photo of one of the small areas where mold growth was detected and then... READ MORE

Bringing Carpets Back to Life

These two photos show the results of our carpet cleaning. The first photo shows before SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington cleaned the carpets but after we vacuume... READ MORE