SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington Employee Photos

The Office Staff

Our dedicated, hardworking Office Staff at SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington! These are only two of our ladies.  Pam and Katherine are much appreciated for their hard work, dedication and the support they offer.


Tyler worked from 12am - 8 am to help out a restaurant get back up and running.  Hard worker. Tyler brings laughter and hard working skill set to SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington.  He is an absolute joy to have around the shop.



Aaron is a part of the Production Team.  Aaron has been with the SERVPRO team for over three years.  He brings laughter and the ability to help others see the positive on all jobs. 


Anthony is a crew chief here at SERVPRO.  Anthony is IICRC and Lead Certified. He brings experience and attention to detail traits with him.  He is an individual who cares about every customer. Anthony likes to spend time with his children and make memories with them.


Fern is a veteran at SERVPRO.  He started here in the early 90's and then left a few years. He re-joined our team in 2014.  He is an asset to SERVPRO.  He is certified in all areas here.  Fern likes to spend time on photography in his free time.


Joel joined our SERVPRO team in summer 2016.  He is such a wonderful energetic young man who yearns to learn more each day.  Joel can handle any job that comes his way.  He enjoys spending time with his brothers when he is away from work.


Katherine is the Office Manager at SERVPRO.  She has been with our SERVPRO Family for almost 7 years.  She knows what is going on 24/7/365 at our shop.  She carries many IICRC Certifications as well as her ECTP & Lead Certifications.  She spends times with her children and furry four legged friends. 


Tyler has been with the SERVPRO family for 20 years.  He was what you can say born into the family business.  He spent many days and nights here.  He started very young by stuffing envelopes and filing papers to earning his way up to a crew technician.  He currently attends college full time and works at SERVPRO at night, on the weekends and the summer.  Tyler is a strong asset to the company.   

A young man sitting


Logan is a quiet young man.  He works part time and is a full time student.  He is extremely smart when it comes to thinking on his toes.  He is fast to react and can take on any challenge he is given.  We are happy to have him.  He enjoys soccer and being with his family.

A man wearing a SERVPRO hat against a poster


John is an Operation Manager.  He comes with strength in organizational skills and managing people.  He is highly respected within the SERVPRO Family.  He is always there to help.  He adores his three sons and extended family!


Matt is an energetic young man that brings experience in construction and repair.  He is a non stop individual that really cares about his job. He became certified in ECTP at SERVPRO. He is an asset to have within our SERVPRO Family.  He enjoys music and repairing things.


Pam is an Administrative Assistant.  She specializes in customer care and excels in billing.  She is a quiet and smart cookie! The SERVPRO Team adores her and respects her authority.  Pam likes spending time with her children when she is home.


This is Shatie, a new member to our SERVPRO of Brandywine team. Shatie has become a fast learner in the industry and he is enthusiastic about working with our SERVPRO crew. His great humor and work ethic makes him a great edition to our SERVPRO team.


Chris has been with us all summer.  He continues to thrive here at SERVPRO.  He will join us for the fall season as well.  He is a quiet fellow with a lot of in-site on the jobs.

Fall 2017

Our team here at SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington is one of a kind, and the best hard working team around! We are so lucky to have them. They are all dedicated professionals!


Josh has joined our team here at SERVPRO of Hockessin Elsmere.  He is anxious to acquire all his needed certifications.  He also is a volunteer fire fighter.  We are happy to have him aboard.


We are excited and happy to have Cilia finally join our team.  She has a lot of experience cleaning.  She is a mature women with the kindest of hearts.  She will be training to be our lead Contents Manager! 


Christian is new to our team. We are proud to have him as he is ready to take on what we are throwing at him.  He is a quiet fellow with a great personality once you get to know him. 


Jeff is a family man.  He is a hard worker who will help anytime needed.  He comes to us with some experience and a great attitude.  He is always keeping busy.

Spring 2019 Production Team

Here is a snapshot of our core Production team here at SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington.  This group of men and women mostly work out in the field full time.  SERVPRO teamwork.

A man wearing a black shirt standing inside SERVPRO against green wall

Bobby F

Bobby F. was with SERVPRO for approximately 20 years!  He left use to pursue some other adventures.  He has returned to our SERVPRO and taken on the Project Manager Role.  

A male smiling for a picture


Marquez is a new additional to our production team here at SERVPRO.  He is a young man who pays attention to detail.  We are excited to have him part of our staff.

A male smiling for a picture


Jose is a member of our production team.  He is hard working and brings team spirit and encouragement to all of the SERVPRO team.  He is a great team player

A female standing against a wall


This is Nicki.  She is relatively new to our team.  She is quite spunky and learning very fast.  We are thrilled to have her on our team. 

A female standing up against a wall


This is Barbara.  She enjoys taking on tasks that require attention to detail.  She is a very nice and thoughtful individual that cares about everyone.