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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation Demo

These pictures only depict the demolition performed. The mold was impacted on all the contents. The first picture here shows the floors cupping and pulling awa... READ MORE

Ceiling Damage

These photos show the ceiling that collapsed on the floor before we arrived and then how it upstairs looked before we left. This home sustained two broken pipe... READ MORE

Ceiling in Bathroom from roof damage

This picture shows when we arrived the ceiling holding water and in danger of falling. A tree had fallen on to the roof of this home and allowed the outside rai... READ MORE

Water Damage

This picture shows a commercial hallway that sustained water damage from a sink over flow. The water actually migrated into the hallway from a sink into the ad... READ MORE

Water Damage

These pictures show a school that sustained water damage from a sprinkler system in a classroom. Notice the fans that are warped. The ceiling tiles were holdin... READ MORE

Flex Duct Cleaning

These pictures show just how dirty your vents from your dryer can get. It is important to keep all vents but dryer vents in particular free of lint and debris. ... READ MORE

Pipe in ceiling burst

These pictures show what we walked into as a result of a broken ceiling pipe. Notice the ceiling had collapsed before we arrived. The blown in insulation and d... READ MORE

Basement Flooding After Storm

Here is a large home that has endured a flooding to their basement after a flash flood occurred during a storm. You can see in the before photograph where the w... READ MORE

Mold Remediation on Basement Wall

The first picture shows mold on the walls of a basement. The microbial growth is just due to time and a damp basement. If you live in Delaware and have a base... READ MORE

Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems

This high-rise building had an old sprinkler system that malfunctioned throughout many rooms and common areas. You can see in this before photo the red residue ... READ MORE

Hallway Fire

Fire can be very invasive. In the first photo you can see what we walked into on day one after the fire. The second picture shows the area after we performed de... READ MORE

Cleaning Items After a Fire

Here is a photo of a soot covered item that was salvaged from a large house fire. SERVPRO is known for restoring homes and buildings after fire damages and wate... READ MORE

Cleaning of the Common Areas

Here is a stairwell in an apartment complex of Wilmington, DE that has years of dirt and damage. Dirt works into the carpet fibers as people walk within the com... READ MORE

Roof Hole After Storm

These photos are the perfect display of a lot of the work our team handles after a large storm hits our area. Old trees and low swinging branches often damage t... READ MORE

Moldy Pipes

Dark and damp basements are the perfect setting for mold to grow and that is exactly what occurred here in this basement closet. Some people just do not think o... READ MORE

Upstairs Fire & Board-Up

As you can see in this photograph, this home endured an isolated fire in the upstairs of the home. The fire caused severe damage to the interior and exterior. T... READ MORE

Hardwood Flooring

These hardwood floors are on the first floor of a home that backs up to a large creek. The damp weather and grounds that the creek creates on the property has h... READ MORE

House Fire & Board Up

This house had a significant fire that overtook most of the structure including a substantial section of the roof. Unfortunately areas of the roof was not repai... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This office building was suffering a water damage after having a pipe burst in their ceiling. SERVPRO was able to remove the debris that the pipe had brought do... READ MORE

Large Water Damage

Here is a large office building that suffered a major water damage after a harsh rain storm that the flooded the building. As you can see in the before photogra... READ MORE

Storm Impacts Basement With Water Damage

After being hit with a few heavy rain storms, this Wilmington, DE home was confronted with some serious flooding and storm damage throughout their entire baseme... READ MORE

A Roof Leak during a Storm

Here is a photo of a school located in the Brandywine/Wilmington area that was affected by a storm after having some work done on their roof. As you can see in ... READ MORE

Dirty Flooding

Here are two photos of a store that had a blockage in their draining system, which caused an overflow and flooding of water to their back room. The first photo ... READ MORE

Flooding in the Hallways!

This large building in Wilmington DE suffered from an extreme flood and water damage after a water line broke. Here is just one of the hallways that was affecte... READ MORE

Winter Fire

These two photos show the small area of a house that had caught on fire due to electrical malfunctions. You can see that the materials had burst into flames by ... READ MORE

Large Fire In Home

These two photos show the extreme difference from the state of this house when SERVPRO arrived to the scene and the condition of the house when we left. As you ... READ MORE

Detecting Moisture

Here is a photo of one of our technicians finding the moisture that is not visible on the surface of this drywall. Finding the source of this moisture before it... READ MORE

Shopping Center Flood

This salon located in the Wilmington area was affected by a flood that started at an office next door to them in their shopping center. It wasn’t until th... READ MORE

Pipes Bursting in Winter Weather

This basement quickly flooded after a pipe burst in the downstairs bathroom of the home. The pipe froze during a quick change in weather this December which cau... READ MORE

Deck Restoration

Here is a deck that you can see has become stained and dirty. Years worth of dirt and the weather elements have made their mark on these wooden planks. You can ... READ MORE

Office Furniture Cleaning

These two photos show the difference before our technicians cleaned these office chairs and then after. You can see in the first photo the water, coffee, and di... READ MORE

Soot Particles

In these two photos you can see the results of our carpet cleaning on this area rug. After our customer had a small fire in their living room, the smell that wa... READ MORE

Mold Covered Drywall

This entire basement was lined with sheets of drywall that were covered in mold growth. Our drying process would have taken the moisture out of the drywall but ... READ MORE

Debris Removal & Board Up

These two photos demonstrate the hard work of our technicians after being called out to a large/devastating house fire in a nearby neighborhood. Our team remove... READ MORE

School Building Duct Cleaning

These two photos show the results of our duct cleaning services. A local school called us to inspect their ducts for dirt and dust. Sometimes, when buildings ar... READ MORE

An Evening Storm

This real estate office located in the Brandywine/Wilmington area called us late one evening during a large storm that was passing. A tree branch had shattered ... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleaning

These two photos were taken in a large hotel that had been opened after many years of vacancy. The company that had bought the building and was renovating the s... READ MORE

Bringing Carpets Back to Life

These two photos show the results of our carpet cleaning. The first photo shows before SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington cleaned the carpets but after we vacuume... READ MORE

Drywall & Cinder Blocks in Basement

This finished basement had various rooms with sections of visible mold growth. Here is a photo of one of the small areas where mold growth was detected and then... READ MORE

Winter Weather & Plumbing

This utility room is located in the back of a very large complex that had extremely old plumbing. The weather changes going into the winter can damage old pipes... READ MORE

Before and after of Soot Cleaning

Here are some pictures of soot from a fire that occurred on a stovetop. The homeowner had some cooking oil that caught fire. It was a cooking fire and we were ... READ MORE

Sooty Refrigerator

Sometimes in a home people do not pull out their refrigerator and clean behind it. This is common for people not to do. Refrigerators have fans and motors in th... READ MORE

Dirty Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans by nature collect dust and debris. A lot of people have ceiling fans throughout their homes. In this case, the homeowners had this ceiling fan in... READ MORE

Bathroom Shower Stall

In this scenario, a home sustained a fire damage. SERVPRO of Brandywine / Wilmington was called in to clean the premises. This was a bad fire that caused heav... READ MORE

Carbon Chains

Carbon Chains can form when soot particles combine together. Sometimes people mistake the carbon chains for spider webs. They are not spider webs but rather a ... READ MORE