Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO drying equipment in commercial property

Wilmington Properties Benefit From Professional Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Equipment

When Wilmington properties need drying from commercial water damage, SERVPRO has an array of devices to get the job done. Air movers deliver a steady flow of warm dry air while the dehumidification equipment ports away the embedded moisture for faster drying.

Freezing Pipes

When water freezes inside a pipe, it causes the pipe to burst and often damage walls, ceilings, or flooring. This apartment building had a pipe burst due to the cold temperatures and you can see our SERVPRO fans drying out their front lobby.

Holiday Give Away

This year we did a holiday gift basket giveaway. We had a lot of fun creating a contest for our customers and friends to win. Just liking our Facebook page entered them to win our basket of goodies!

Drywall Damage

You can see in this photo there has been some major damage to the lower sections of the drywall. We have plenty of fans working to keep air flowing through the walls and the hallway to dry it out.

Ceiling Falls Down After Flooding

This photo was taken in one of the many hotel rooms that had major water damage after a water line broke. You can see on the beds and carpet, that the ceiling fell down after filling with water.

Fallen Ceiling Tiles

In this picture you can see how ceiling tiles have fallen into the closet area.  This picture was taken at a commercial property where a water damage occurred and luckily no one was in the way. 

National Coffee Day

Here is a photo of one of Wilmington's well known coffee shops and a great customer of ours. On National Coffee Day this year we gave them a great thanks for using us whenever they have a problem in one of their locations.

Bathroom Water Migration

In this picture you see an area of a stock room.  It may appear normal at a first glance.  This room was actually affected by a bathroom leak.  The clean water from the bathroom migrated into the stock room.  We were able to identify this issue and take care of it.

Honor Award

Tara poses with Kat with her cherished trophy for hard work! These trophies are just a reminder of all the hard work, dedication and hours put in to help all those in need.


SERVPRO helps school re-open. This school was in desperate need of help. The cold frigid weather froze a pipe and caused it to burst making a mess in the main hallways.