Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Black Mold on a Wall

This picture shows a small area of a home where a corner was wet for a period of time.  The wet area was left unattended to and as a result this is how much mold grew.  We were able to clean this for them.

Wet Floor Boards

These wooden floor boards have been holding mold growth after a water leak. The water has discolored the wood and moisture has been absorbed into the flooring. This can be avoided in wood flooring by starting the drying process in a timely fashion.

Damp Basement

Here is a photo of a large amount of mold growth in a basement. What has made this basement so vulnerable to mold growth is the dark damp environment. The ceiling and drywall has no light to dry out in which causes the opportunity for mold.

Mold behind Walls

There was mold growing behind the walls of this property.  It was not known to the homeowner until the ceiling came down and made a mess.  If you look at the baseboard areas you can see the deterioration.

Mold damage

This photo shows a water damage that sat in a vacant home for a period of time.  During the water damage removal process, while the floor was being removed an amount of mold was discovered that we remediated. The outcome was a success.

Construction and Mold

Here is a photo of a construction site that was preparing to renovate this portion of a large building. Unfortunately they ran in to mold before they could start and as you can see we removed the affected drywall so that the construction company could proceed.

Mold in the Workplace

Sometimes mold goes undetected in the work place. If your office is in a shaded, cool, or damp area, it is important to make sure the building manager is checking for mold. Water damage in an office raises the risk of mold growth as well

Sealing Your Plumbing

Pipes that run in and out of your home and through your walls should be sealed and caulked. When pipes are left open and unsealed, water can get into your drywall and cause mold growth.

Moldy Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a common place for the growth of mold and bacteria. You can see in this photo, there is no visible mold on the outside of the wallpaper. Over time bacteria builds up in between the wallpaper and the wall since there is no air circulation. You can see where the wallpaper has been pulled back that there is a large amount of mold growth.