Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooded Bathroom Freezes Over

This bathroom shows the severe aftermath of a pipe during a week of severe cold temperatures. After the pipe had burst and flooded this bathroom, the cold weather caused the bathroom floor to freeze over.

Icy Day at SERVPRO

Here is the view from one of our sales cars on one wintery morning. After a rain and ice storm in early January, our entire staff was extremely cautious on the roads. Safety is the first priority here!

Big Operation

We put our new desiccant to work as soon as possible after this major storm. We had our new desiccant, a generator, and a lot of fans. It turned out to be quite the operation!

Tree on Home

During a summer windy storm a tree in the yard fell on a home.  The tree penetrated the roof and went into the bedroom. Luckily no one was in the bedroom during the night when the damage occurred.

An Early Morning Call

Winter storms can cause serious problems for buildings. Here we have some of our generators on the scene while we conduct a water extraction in the early hours of the morning.

School Water Damage in Wilmington

This is a stairway in a Wilmington elementary school that flooded after a major storm. Luckily SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington came in and was able to extract the water without closing any wings of the school.

Rainy Season at SERVPRO

This photo shows how rainy it has been in the Wilmington area. Normally with heavy rains comes a lot of work for us here at SERVPRO. We had an extreme number of floods to homes and commercial buildings over this week of bad weather.

Winter Storm

This property was harshly affected by an early winter storm. You can see in the photo, the water line was well above the ground across their back yard. The basement was the most affected area within the home due to the amount of flooding