Water Damage Photo Gallery

Pumping Out Water to Get into the Basement

Here you can see SERVPRO has to pump out water from the outside basement area first just to get into the area we need to address from the real water damaged area.  

Winter Plumbing Problems

This is a burst pipe that created a lot of water damage to a person's home after water had froze inside the piping. During the winter season, most of our water damage jobs have this same source of damage.

Bathroom Flooding

An upstairs bathroom flooded after a pipe froze and then later burst. The water flooded the bathroom and filled the walls surrounding the pipe. After damaging the bathroom, the water flowed into the hallway and down this stair case.

Circulating Hot Air

This is a large operation put together to circulate the air flow throughout an entire building. The tube that lays all the way down the hallway is blowing warm air into every room to ensure the structure dries evenly.

Kitchen Smoke Sets Off Sprinkler System

This photo shows the after math of a faulty sprinkler system. When the kitchen of this retirement home caused the sprinkler system to go off, the entire first floor was soaked. Luckily there was no fire to begin with, just a lot of water in the end.

Water on the Patio

Here is a photo of a retirement home that had a large flood in late September. The water damage was so extreme that it reached the patio off of the kitchen along with many other areas.

Falling Ceiling

This picture shows a ceiling that fell down as a result of a water damage that occurred above.  The bathtub above accidentally overflowed and the water came down and made the ceiling collapse.

Auditorium Water Damage

Here is an auditorium to a music studio and art school. You can see in the photo that all of our fans across the seating are faced upward towards the ceiling. This is to circulate the air throughout the whole room and make sure to dry out the ceiling which was where the water damage had begun.

Commercial Water Damage

Water Damage in a commercial place can be challenging.  Our Project Manager on site  will effectively communicate and ensure consistent  communication.  This large job was a challenge yet successful. We were happy to have helped.

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Brandywine/Wilmington was honored to be a part in helping one of our Senior Living Communities this winter! This facility sustained a substantial size water damage but we were able to keep them open the whole time.


SERVPRO has state of the art equipment for our water damages! Our truck mount systems in our vehicles are strong and powerful.  We also have portable extractors as well that are powerful too.